The League of Irilan

A wealthy confederation of independant city states. The League of Irilan is named for the great commercial city of Irilan, where the decree of independence was signed.

Physical Description: The lands which make up the League were formerly provinces of the defunct Korenian empire, as a result its people it’s ethnically the same as those of Areldan. As trading cities the league sees a regular influx of travellers from all around the world..

Society: The league of Irilan is an oligarchy ruled by a group called the Merchant Council. The council is formed of representatives from the many powerful merchant houses who oversee the economic activity of the cities in the league, it is headed by an elected official called the Patrician.
The Merchant Council meets regularly to decide on matters of economic and financial importance, and although the original purpose of the council was to regulate commerce and ensure fairness it is no secret that there is a lot of intrigue and nepotism among the wealthy merchant families. The Merchant Council also has an inner council made up of its most powerful members, and this inner council concerns itself with all other matters of government from taxes and law enforcement to management of its mercenary armies. The Inner Council is a very secretive organisation with its own rituals, traditions and practices and other than being headed by the patrician its membership is unknown.
After the great ork war which devastated the Korenian empire, the western coastal region being furtherst from the fighting remained relatively unscathed and became very wealthy in the aftermath. When the northern provinces seceeded from the weakened Korenian empire, the western city states (who had long resented being part of the empire) decided to follow. Using it’s wealth to hire the many soldiers who had no homes or family to go back to after the war as mercenaries, a loose alliance of the most powerful cities issued an ultimatum to the Emperor in Koren. In much the same way that Arnland won it’s independence by its military being able to resist the weakened empires armies, the league was able to do so through its economic power and the mercenaries hired with the fruits of its wealth.
The highly cosmopolitan citizens of the league are a cultured and open minded people. The large number of travellers and merchants from as far away as the Sung empire and the desert kingdom of Khazan bring ideas from around the world to the ports of the west.
Wealth is associated with freedom in the league as it was wealth which enabled it to gain independence from the empire, as a result the acquisition of wealth is considered a prime virtue. Most skilled trades have an associated guild and the guilds hold considerable sway in the league, and most with an economic interest in the league seek their favour.

Lands: The league of Irilan is made up of three large independent city states, Irilan, Marenport and Whitehaven each of which is surrounded and by farmland, villages and towns which support their vast populations.
Irilan is a huge inland city that rivals Koren in size that straddles the river Iril. In imperial times Irilan was a trading hub that used the river to move goods from the western ports inland and held great significance in the religion of the divines (while the first temple was built in Koren, Irilan is believed to have been where the divines first appeared and spoke to mankind).
Marenport is a coastal city in the warmer southern region of the league and is known for its huge coastal fortress and extensive sea trade with Khazan (which is reflected in some of its architecture) and Lunirien.
Whitehaven is also a coastal city located at the northern end of the league and was named for its extensive white cliffs. Among other things Whitehaven is known for its fishing industries (nearly a third of all the fish eaten in the kingdom of Areldan comes from Whitehaven) its vast manufacturing ironworks and its great academy.

Relations: As a kingdom based on commerce the League is friendly with everyone, hostility and prejudice and are not good for business. The people of the league tend not to make judgements on entire peoples and are really rather open minded.

Religion and Philosophy: The dominant religion in the kingdom is that of the five divines. The temple of the five divines still operates using the old imperial territories and despite the change in political borders nearly four centuries ago the temple still organises itself by the former imperial provinces.

Names: Names tend to be somewhat simple and rounded sounding, Arnish and Areldane names are also common. Names tend to start with Ad, Bar, El, Ed, Es, Dal, Gir, Thal, Jor, Cal, Or, Mel, Fen, Kel, Rel, Mor, Ser, Tor and often end with; uci, cini, ias, ius, sio, mo, iamo, ado, ario and ina, ada, ida, ia, sina, isa, iana, adia (for females). Surnames tend to be either longer second names (with a single first component and one or more second components, possibly seperated by a vowel) such as Talmorcini, Adelsio, Edrenias, Morciamo.
Male names: Aducci, Barcini, Elias, Edius, Essio, Dalmo, Giriamo, Thalado, Jorario, Calucci, Oruci, Melcini, Fenias, Kelius, Relsio, Mormo, Seriamo, Torado.
Female Names: Torina, Serada, Morida, Relia, Kelsina, Feniana, Meladia, Orina, Calada, Joria, Thalsina, Girisa, Daliana, Esadia, Edina, Elada, Barida, Adia.

  • +2 to One Ability Score: characters get a +2 bonus to one ability score of their choice at creation to represent their varied nature.
    * Medium: as humans are Medium creatures they have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
    * Normal Speed: Humans have a base speed of 30 feet.
    * Bonus Feat: select one extra feat at 1st level.
    * Skilled: Humans gain an additional skill rank at first level and one additional rank whenever they gain a level.
    * Languages: Begin play speaking Common. characters with high Intelligence scores can choose any languages they want (except secret languages, such as Druidic).
    * Favoured Class: Any.

The League of Irilan

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