High Elf
The High Elves are an ancient and mysterious race whose age has long since passed, their numbers are dwindling and nation is in decline.

Wood Elf
The Wood Elves are an offshoot of the High Elves that has abandoned the marble towers and glass domes of Lunirien for the ancient forest of Velmwood. A wild and unpredictable people whose numbers dwindle with each passing century.

The dwarves of the six holds are a clannish race of miners and craftsmen who mostly dwell in great underground fortress cities known as Dwarf-holds. Through a combination of endless war and their own cultural stagnation their kingdom is in decline much like those of the elves.

The small folk of Three-shires in Arnland are commonly known as Halflings due to their small stature. The small folk do not make up a great kingdom, nor a fading empire, and some consider their existance quite inconsequential.

Humanity is one of the most numerous races in the world and make up several of the largest and most powerful civilizations of Ûne.


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